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Aaron McDaniel is a corporate manager, speaker, author and entrepreneur with a passion for helping millennials build thriving careers. He was one of the youngest ever to serve as Regional Vice President at AT&T, a Fortune Global 100 company, and taught a highly rated student-led course on leadership at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. Aaron is the author of The award winning Young Professional’s Guide series of books, has been written about in many top publications, has been heard on media outlets. He has been written about in many top publications, has been heard on media outlets across the country and has  spoken to groups of young professionals at top companies and organizations.

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Through speaking, consulting and coaching Aaron inspires & ignites the careers of young professionals in many ways, including:

  • Helping young professionals (YPs) understand the truths and myths of the corporate world
  • Laying out a blueprint for YPs to master their jobs & uncover career opportunities
  • Motivating YPs to take ownership of their careers
  • Laying out a blueprint for YPs to master their jobs & uncover career opportunities
  • Guiding YPs to understand the shortcomings of many millennials, how to overcome these obstacles,
    and even use them to their advantage to bring value to their companies

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Get The Young Professional's Guide to the Working World

  • Get Aaron’s breakthrough book that offers young professionals a blueprint for success for building a strong foundation for any extraordinary career.
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Get The Young Professional's Guide to Managing

  • Get Aaron's essential guide for any manager. It's full of great advice to tools to help you be successful in any management position.

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Check out what event organizers and audiences are saying about Aaron…
  • ”Aaron McDaniel is a very inspirational and motivational speaker, and his speech gave the us a new perspective on leadership. We learned that every individual is a leader, regardless of his title or position, because every contribution to the organization is significant.”

    - Audience Members, UC Berkeley -

  • ”You ended the night on the perfect note and I think people felt like they were able to take a lot from it.”

    - Shreya Dhingra, President FSBC, UC Berkeley-

  • ”I can honestly say that since that meeting, several members have repeatedly asked for you to come back. The relevance of not only the content you covered but also the manner in which you presented it to the group was something that we could all relate to. It was refreshing and eye-opening to hear you share your personal career experiences with us. I have and will continue to recommend you to other young professional groups and individuals who can benefit from your invaluable insight.”

    - Monica Padilla, Rotaract -

  • ”Not only was Mr. McDaniel clearly passionate about the topic, but he also continually demonstrated an innate ability to relate to his audience. Through the use of personal stories and anecdotes, Mr. McDaniel effectively conveyed insights into some of the problems [young professionals] may face in… their professional careers.”

    - Eric Nelson, President Investment Banking Organization, SMC -

  • ”Your openness in sharing the stories of your own experiences as a young working professional really helped to put things in perspective and encouraged us to start thinking about how to better build our "brand." Furthermore, your sense of humor helped make the serious discussion of professional formality and employment a much less daunting topic!”

    - Katherine Carter, American Marketing Association, USF -

  • ”Outstanding! Thank you for taking part and being a part of our leadership conference. Your thoughtful presentation hit the minds and the hearts of all assembled. Clearly your message added the dimension to our gather that was at the center of our vision for the organization.”

    - Donn Wadley, Rotaract CA District Chair -

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